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25 Certified Music Blogs To Submit To and Go Viral in 2024

With over a decade of experience in the indie music scene, I understand the value of a comprehensive list of music blogs for musicians at any stage of their career. Having tried and tested various platforms for the last ten years, I’ve curated a list that emphasizes not only the quality of the music sites but also the importance of choosing the right one for your music submission.

These aren’t the be-all and end-all of music blogs. They will, however, write high-quality reviews of your music and include you on high-quality playlists. And that’s worth highlighting.

We hypothesize that the best music blogs are those that reward artists with quality coverage and not just derivative reviews based on trending keywords. Here’s our list of 25 music blogs you should consider submitting your music to!

Influential Music Blogs To Submit To

Daily Music Spin

If you’re reading this, you’ve found one of the internet’s best music-reviewing sites. These reviews will give you a sense of what these musicians sound like and whether they have anything worth buying. A site that helps music lovers find the best in new music through a series of candid music reviews by an everyday music fan.

One word: Awesome.


Daily Music Spin


This is probably the most comprehensive and efficiently functional site on music blogs to submit to that we’ve found. All the music blogs we’ve listed are great but SleepingBagStudios gets right to the point with their features and honest reviews together with all the information you need.

Their site looks fantastic, and there are numerous ways to make it leap right off the page and into your eardrums! Their writing is one-of-a-kind and unparalleled, and as they say, “Music is your art, and writing is ours.”


Music Blogs to Submit to

Artist Reach Official

With a “for musicians, by musicians” premise, Artist Reach is an award-winning New York City / Tri-State area Musician/Artist-Operated Company.

Musicians of all genres, styles, and experience levels are welcome to join their Professional Music Community and benefit from their expert services in many Music Industry disciplines.


Music Blogs to submit to in 2022

The Static Dive

Bob Smith, creator of The Static Dive has been writing about music for over a quinquennial. He has been blowing minds with my legendary wisdom and knowledge of music for like, 5 years now.

This is the site to visit if you want to discover new music, listen to cool covers, and read intriguing reviews. Don’t just take my word for it; they’ve reviewed hundreds of songs, and through the quality of their work and unwavering dedication to the indie music scene, they’ve created relationships with bands and artists from all over the world.


Music Review Site

IndieX Music

Okay, so maybe they are not the only music blog in the world solely dedicated to independent music but they do have a pretty cool name. You know what they say about the first impression.

They listen to music just as much as you do, to understand their respective cultures, create dialogues, and inspiring. so when they find something new, tasty, and well worth sharing, they put it out there for the world to hear.



We are the best online music magazine and we’re here to prove it. Slanderous? Maybe. True? Definitely, but we stand by it anyway! It’s our mantra and has been since the 2000s when we were founded in a basement as a magazine for record collectors.

When it comes to reviewing music, we are like a fine bottle of red wine—all very mature and sophisticated.

Our blog covers everything non-mainstream, indie, and underground music. A wide range of genres, including indie rock, R&B, hip hop, metal, and jazz. analyzes the music rather than the artists who make it. They have something for you if you enjoy independent music.


Submit music to blogs

The Stereo Stickman

With a love for supporting and representing independent creatives — artists, musicians, bands, and producers – in a professional and respected setting. The Stereo Stickman wants to help you reach an engaged and supportive audience, so they take the time to genuinely listen, appreciate, and write honestly and compassionately about your music.


Top Music Review Site

Xttrawave — the ultimate destination where you can discover, create, and share your digital voice with a global audience.

They give a platform for their audience to become your potential followers or customers, providing you with a competitive advantage.


Best Music Blog

Ratings Game Music

If a music site covered everything released since 2017, this is what it would look like.

Ratings Game Music is a popular music website headquartered in the United States that covers both mainstream and indie music. RGM is one of the top 25 music blogs in the world, according to Feedspot.



Jamsphere is an independent music magazine and radio network dedicated to discovering, promoting, and disseminating outstanding indie music bands from around the world, as well as keeping a close eye on major music performers of special interest.

Ever since the internet first opened its virtual doors, independent music has been able to reach people across the globe. Yet, it’s hard to find a place where people from all over the world can get exposed to this kind of music and that’s why Jamsphere was created.


Indie Band Guru

If you love indie music, ​and you’re anything like me, then Indie Band Guru is the place for you. It’s run by genuine music journalists and music fans, who just want to help spread the word about great bands and musicians, who may not yet have reached the big time – whether they’re playing a venue near you, or an obscure club in a far-off country.

Independently managed, published, and promoted – Indie Band Guru is not just a blog for getting reviews for your music but also a platform that helps you promote yourself by educating you about the kind of approach artists usually take when it comes to promoting their work to the public through conventional means.


Indie Band Guru


I don’t know how instrument-shy you are but know that if you play music and want to be discovered online, you’re in the right place. I’m here to tell you about

Guitaa offers various lessons from established artists, tutorials, and reviews on some of the latest hits in the pop, rock, hip-hop, country, and electronic dance music genres. One of the unique features is that you can submit your music. This allows your music to be heard by thousands of people around the world.

Whether you’re an established artist or just starting, will help you reach those golden notes and golden fans as well.


Muzique Magazine

Muzique Magazine’s international exposure and the ability to get your music heard by a much larger number of people is what you’ll get.

This magazine is An Award-Winning Online Magazine and Google News Verified Website Based In Miami, Florida That Covers All Music Genres. They will publish your music article on their Google News-certified site.



This blog is as cool as its name. Stepkid is a fresh new platform fast becoming the go-to place for those wanting to discover new music and artists that others often miss.

The award-winning site is simple, easy to use, and notable for doing a lot with a small amount of content on each profile. I won’t even try to do them justice here because it’s worth visiting them and experiencing the ease of use for yourself.


TopAfric Music Video

TopAfric Music Video features a staff of unbiased song critics who will listen to your music and provide you with the input you need to make it more appealing. With an all-genre approach, the website is happy to highlight talent such as yours. Their reviewers are knowledgeable, and they post your music giving you the attention you require to succeed.

This website provides a more in-depth look at all of the musicians included on their Music Video Countdown List, which airs on the Tide TV station in Hamburg, Germany.


Music Review Blog


IndieArtistGo is ideal for aspiring artists who want to take their careers to the next level. It was founded by a music industry specialist to accept music submissions, give consultation, and marketing services. They accept contributions from all genres and seek to assist independent artists in achieving success.


Curious For Music

Curious For Music is the place to be for any aspiring indie artists looking for a magazine to help them advance their careers. This detailed and practical magazine is simply great, with features like New Music, Get to Know, and First Play.

Their website is simple to use and has one of the finest layouts we’ve seen. The concept of this magazine is pretty inclusive and as the name suggests, each aspect of the magazine leads you to find out more about various types of music.



Melodymine is a music magazine dedicated to independent, upcoming, and unsigned performers from a variety of musical genres. As a musician for over twenty years in both classical and indie genres, the author has a diverse musical tastes and can appreciate the sometimes hidden depths of music production, lyricism, and composition.

He understands how difficult it can be to promote your music, whether you are a new musician or an established artist without PR. So he’s here with his magazine, which is designed just for musicians searching for a venue to communicate the story of their music on the Internet.


Music for Independent artist

Hip Hop Music Blogs To Submit Music To

Rock The Hip Hop

If you’re unfamiliar, Rock The Hip Hop is a home for music enthusiasts who get down to that hot funk. They are about new waves, new artists, and the latest tracks.

Rock The Hip Hop has assisted some artists in reaching the YouTube Trending page and being featured on World Star Hip Hop. Marketing music necessitates a complete approach to properly target the right demographic and raise brand awareness. Rock The Hip Hop will assist their clients in developing these methods and getting their music in front of the appropriate audience.

The site also boasts a large and professional team of contributing writers from all around the globe.


Hip Hop Music Blogs to submit to

Hood Critic

When it comes to keeping on top of the latest and best hip hop, you won’t find a better insight anywhere on the internet than They bring you exclusive content that gives you something new to discover every day, along with album reviews and videos about rappers that you care about

Simply put, Hood Critic highlights the work of creatives that deserve fans’ attention through well-researched hip-hop reviews.


Hip Hop Blog

Bringing Down The Band

This blog has everything you love about hip-hop, with a twist. Bringing Down The Band is home to the most informative breakdowns, exclusives and tidbits in the game. From playlisting services to interviews with top artists and producers, to articles of some of your favorite songs for a whole new perspective. This is your insider’s pass to hip-hop culture.


Hip Hop Music

EDM Music Blogs To Submit To

Get Em High

Get Em High has a library full of blogs and articles written by writers who love EDM and want to share it with others. They take music seriously, and through their honest and sincere reviews, they’ll be sure to help you get your work out there in front of the right eyes. There’s nothing better than an avid fan writing a review – they’re more likely to know what you’re up against.


EDM Music BLog

International Music Blogs To Submit To

African Hype

The name of the game is to get your sounds to a continent of new fans. So why not use to get your music to Africa? They got everything from interviews and reviews to radio shows and events, making it accessible to other artists and new fans.

Great music comes from every corner of the globe, and so does great music criticism. African Hype has never wavered from its mission to cover new music with depth, insight, and passion.

Fortunately for them, they also have a sense of humor about it—one that comes out in their reviews, song annotations, and popular features like Albums We Love and The Best New Artists.


African Music Blog

Musik Review

Musik Review is a German-based music blog aimed at showcasing musical talent from around the world.

She Wolf has built a strong community where artists and allies can feel comfortable in sharing their music, spreading awareness, and in some cases, breaking new ground and making strides in new musical endeavors together!


Germany Music Blog

The-further is a Berlin and Paris-based web magazine dedicated to discussing CREATIVE artists from across the world.

The website includes a wide range of music genres that they discuss on their blog and offers packages related to music reviews or interviews. These packages range in price from $10 to $20, depending on what you need from the music blog.


Still not decided?

Though there are some great options out there and many highly rated, Artist Reach Official came out on top. They know what they’re talking about and their layout is seamless, which makes it very easy to read. I never considered them a music blog, yet they are the finest for captivating music articles about your music.


  • 15 Major Label Endorsements
  • 100% Unique, and Second to None

The sheer magnitude of musical brilliance that lives on Artist Reach Official’s site is astounding.

Their website is the most entertaining and does not feel like you are being sold something.

Contact Artist Reach Official

Music Blogs to submit to in 2022

Music Blogs To Submit by Genre

Finding the email addresses of music blogs might be difficult, but we have done all of the legwork for you.

We gathered emails to 100 music blogs so you don’t have to.

Click Here To Get The List

Where can I submit unreleased music?

Fiverr is the best website to submit unreleased music. Fiverr has quickly become the go-to destination for independent musicians. It’s a platform that’s helped a growing number of indie musicians gain fame in recent years.

Why should I pay to get my song submitted?

Paying for a music review used to be a pretty radical concept. Now, the model isn’t as strange as it once was, especially for new artists and independent musicians looking for press and all that jazz.

But there’s still controversy surrounding paid reviews, which is why I want to try to end the debate once and for all with this next question: why shouldn’t you pay for your music to be reviewed by a magazine?

But in all seriousness though, anyone who has tried to get their music evaluated by a magazine online knows how tough it is to receive a response from any of these publications. Some do not respond at all, others would only take full-length albums, while others specify that they do not accept demos. Many artists will be irritated by this. On the one side, the artist has invested in crafting their record, and now they are being denied the opportunity to discover whether or not the public loves the work they have done.  Many artists invest because they believe there is something in it for them and their fans.


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Founder of Tunepical, a blog dedicated to sharing my love of music with you. I believe that music is the key to life, and if you're listening to the right songs at the right time, everything is possible!

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