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Delve deep into the spotlessly beautiful rock-orchestrated sound of “Dive into the Dark” by Raging Embers.

It has always been staggering, almost otherworldly, to understand an artist’s capacity to harness ingenuity in service of music, and that has been the case for one New York composer, Steven Winiarz, who is the face behind the Raging Embers solo project. As someone who is deeply moved by live-sounding music and also possesses instrumentation prowess, it has always felt right that he makes music that besides its obvious entertaining features also transforms real and felt emotions into deep melodies with near-universal appeal.  What you get from Raging Embers’ debut album, “Dive into the Dark,” is over 36 minutes of an ethereally fulfilling listening experience that deeply moves you and is felt close to your heart and soul.

Trying his hand on the understatedly dark rock sound but with a seamless blend of real and virtual instruments, Raging Embers delivers what is by far a surreal listening experience that listeners from all walks of life can absolutely reel in.

It’s just fascinating how the album keeps on transcending, with each tune coherently transitioning into another while the whole collection still manages to remain logical and flawless as an original body of work. Through that scintillating blend of big, bold, and dulcet sounds, the track “Big Love” is born. The horn section from the proficiently played saxophone over the keyboard and other luxuriantly stylish instruments fashions something that is less heard and more experienced.

“Big Love” is the sort that would perfectly fit as the theme soundtrack for a blockbuster film or series. The way the sound envelopes you from the first instance all the way to the last one is the embodiment of sound craft and innovation.

There is that ancient feel that comes off in the track “The Letter.” I just love the order and harmony here. This tune follows a melodic path that is marked by a memorable melody and a rhythm that is consistent and accurate. Raging Embers taps into his unique sonic formula to fashion an amalgam of melodious rock, alternative textures, and ancient cinematic scores.

There is just a seemingly prepossessing sound of stillness in the track “Basket Case” and the way it ripples through the eardrums, coursing through the veins of a listener with a sense of purity and warmth. The flow is just as simple as it is sophisticated. It feels as though Raging Embers is performing this tune in front of you.

Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” starts slow and then intriguingly picks up with the more vibrant tones being integrated proficiently. What’s, even more, is that it’s almost 6 minutes long; here, a listener gets to be transported through an aura of emotions, and before you know it, you’re within feeling distance of paradise.

There is the right dose of everything in the tune “Superman’s Dead“. As if to echo such a seemingly sad case scenario, there is a melancholic feel to this orchestra that features haunting dulcet piano melodies amalgamated with the violin to create a sublime effect.

My God is the Sun” highlights Embers’ personable and edgy performance competence; this piece is quite distinctive because of the sheer quality of the production. The mix is impeccably balanced and very detail-oriented making for a vibrant, edgy, and stark sonic elegance.

Throughout “Dive into the Dark”, there are many subtle nuances that add to the luxury of all the tracks when summed up together.

To enjoy this stunningly innovative orchestrated piece, follow the attached link and savor every second of it…trust me, you deserve this musical treat!

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