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Rick Fouche’s new extraordinary album, “Master of Time (Dance of a Lifetime),” is streaming now on all platforms.

As someone who has successfully maintained his own league as a singer/songwriter, rapper, and music producer, Rick Fouche is a name you should keep at the forefront of your memory because he is doing things behind the scenes that are starting to blow up and are now demanding the world’s attention. As someone who possesses a penchant for sweet, sultry, and soulful tones, Fouche reminds us of that classic sound from a vintage Hollywood era. He has a fantastic stage presence and is unmatched in his ability to meld the R&B, soul, and pop genres in seamless ways.

When he stated that he was making a kind of ‘time travel’ album, it was almost taken casually; I don’t think anyone had even the slightest clue about the magnitude of artistry Rick was on about here. Having listened to this album severally now, I just can’t quite wrap my head at such a distillation of impeccably artistry as this. This is the kind of album that will age like fine wine. I don’t even have a favorite in here because as soon as I thought one track would be it, the next tune gave similar vibes, and before I knew it, the entire album had me like, ‘Woah! I love this one—you can’t make this up!

“Master of Time (Dance of a Lifetime” is indeed music through time; Rick Fouche skillfully and with the backing of ineffably beautiful melodies takes you through time; from a period in the past, as you cruise through into the present and watch yourself uncontrollably step into the future. This is so surreal. This is an album I wouldn’t hesitate recommending to anyone because it is certainly the best way to kick off the New Year!

A track like “Never Leaves,” that I have played an insane amount of times, interestingly ‘never leaves’ the listener’s head. This is just powerful artistry on display here; the lively, danceable classic vibe it brings cannot be equated to anything else. The melodies are catchy as hell, and so are the phrases. The beat is just terrific and this tune just proves the reality that Fouche indeed has an ear for the hit melodies and that knack for the commercial!

“Moving All The Time” has an abundance of upbeat soul features and is supplemented favorably by those unforgettable hooks. Listening to this, you just want to vigorously dance all the time!

“Wont Compromise” is just wondrously sophisticated; you’ve got to love what Rick does with the beats here. Wealthy and attractively designed to bring out that pop flavor and soul spark is just otherworldly. And the way he effortlessly matches the cadence of the rhythm via his own vocal performance is just top-notch, to say the least. I’m still head over heels for this kind of arrangement and performance.

“Shake It” is simply a four-course meal with dessert on top! Very nostalgic sounding, Rick Fouche delivers this timeless performance that gets better with each successive listening experience!

There is, of course, the 2022 Grammy-nominated tune “Brighter.” The truth of the matter is that after you finish listening to this exceptionally imposing tune, it dawns on you why it was considered. The way the melodies warm your heart and soul as the cottony and velvety male vocals lusciously slink with such clarity and crystal clear polish, creating a heavenly feeling, is just musical gratification at best. If you have ever wanted to have a taste of paradise, “Brighter” is the closest thing to it. Nothing shines ‘brighter’ in a listener’s heart and soul than in this performance.

“Master of Time (Dance of a Lifetime)” is just the best musical gift you could give yourself this year. I couldn’t be more proud of the artist and person Rick Fouche has become, and I am more than certain that the future holds promises of mysterious good for him in all his capacities as a musician.

To stream “Master of Time (Dance of a Lifetime)” in its entirety, follow the attached link and make sure you share this masterpiece with as many listeners as you possibly can!

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