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Songwriter Robbi Atkins engineers an enchanting track dubbed “Your Memory is a Song,” featuring Wild Horse Desert

Robbi Atkins - Your Memory is a Song

Robbie Atkins is a songwriter based out of South Texas with a penchant for writing relatable narratives and collaborating with talented artists who eventually voice and project the emotional content born of her songwriting virtuosity. Over time, she has developed a sound and strength all her own, which only makes sense since she prides herself on coming from the side of universal music, where the quality of lyrics and originality all stand for something.

Music has always been her passion and the pen is her tool. Through the experience gained over the years, including scoring her first sync placement in a feature film and securing multiple licensing placements, she has learned what it takes to produce a hit. Her latest single, “Your Memory is a Song,” is a shining example of her songwriting ingenuity.

Featuring the phenomenally talented singer Wild Horse Desert, “Your Memory is a Song” has that broad appeal as it skillfully cuts across folk rock, blues, and country endearingly. As someone who values music as art and sees it as an outlet for emotional tensions, the phrasing in this track very much highlights its emotional strengths!

Art really keeps us alive, and Robbie Atkins is a leading light, capturing the world with her deeply relatable lyrics. With “Your Memory is a Song”, Atkins proves that she is more than just another talented songwriter; she is extraordinary, and her achievements can be attributed to hands-on experience and wisdom way beyond her years.

Robbie Atkins thrives on pushing her writing skills to new heights and inspiring everyone she meets and she is set to continue fueling her passion for as long as she can.

By stretching the boundaries of songwriting effectively, Atkins is carving an indelible niche in the songwriting landscape, and she deserves her flowers.

To listen to this magnificently written and passionately sung tune, follow the attached link and let it gain entrance into your playlist.

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