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California’s hip-hop and rap maestro Rolondo Rich has just dropped some dope visuals for his single “BAC 2 MY CHANGE”

Based out of Los Angeles, CA Rolondo Rich is a next-level type of emcee, blending the grit of the old-school West Coast sound with that futuristic vibe and his own unique twists to create something that defies norms and is a deviation from the ordinary and the expected. He has managed to set himself apart, paying homage to hip-hop and rap greats such as Tupac, Ice Cube and others and weaving their legendary influences with his own creative finesse, earning a shockwave of intrigue from both fans and critics alike. What makes his music stand out is the fact that it is inspired by real-life street tales and has been delivered in a way that so many listeners can resonate with and connect with on a personal level.

Recently, Rolondo set the rap world ablaze with his new single dubbed “BAC 2 MY CHANGE”- a raw masterpiece and an ode to the street hustle and playing. This track has been on heavy rotation in LA and outside as more and more listeners hail it as the perfect street anthem!

Blending unorthodox flows, intricate rhymes, and hard-hitting facts over that unique production, Rolondo rides this beat like a jet-ski, captivating listeners with his wordplay and thought-provoking bars juxtaposed in between the infectious hooks.

Following this track’s success and the positive feedback it garnered, Rolondo deemed it fit to elevate it to greater heights, and that’s how he created an epic visual to complement it.

This first-class music video was actually directed and edited by Rolondo himself and is a huge testament to his skills and expertise as a video director and editor, as he blends some insane visuals together to come up with a complete package that hooks the viewer from start to finish as they vibe to the contagious banger!

This is such a bona fide standout music video that is now on YouTube, and it deserves to be seen. Follow the link below, make sure you subscribe to Rolondo’s YT channel, like these visuals, share your thoughts under the comment section, and run it up for him!

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