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See Your Shadow Set to Release Their New Melodic Single “Simple Special Moment” on 28th January 2022

See Your Shadow Simple Special Moment

See Your Shadow need no introduction as their reputation musically precedes them. They are an award-winning musical collaborative that has been making huge waves in the music industry ever since they stepped out on the scene. They are based out of Phoenix, Arizona, and are managed by songwriter and producer, Michael “The Metropolitan Cowboy” Coleman. They are a chart-topping collaborative seeing that they had 5 Number 1’s on the iTunes Country Singles Chart in South Africa and were indeed named the group of the year by The International Music Association. They stand out and have a penchant for creating and producing unique songs backed by unrivaled top-notch qualities of their productions. They give it all in their creations and it is with that same creative spin that they are set to release contemporary country tune that holds a strikingly powerful and potent message at its core; that even the vaguest encounter with strangers can have a significant impact on a person’s life. The official release of the track is set for 28th January 2022.

At the heart of the track where the MI-solo guitar is dominant is where the gist of the music inhabits and the harmonic progression takes further color and depth with the infusion of the electric and bass guitars, the marvelously energetic drums, and the wonderfully fun country background instrumentations that have been blended together with both great confidence and assuredness. “Simple Special Moment” is a strikingly energetic and enjoyably fun piece of songwriting that both uplifts and invigorates. See Your Shadows delivers one up-tempo and feel-good vibe that is superbly performed and strongly arranged, helping to make sure that listeners leave with a vivid smile plastered on their faces and an exceptionally strong shot of inspiration from the endearing lyrics that have that particular feel-good nature about them that evokes both indescribable charm and personality, ensuring an enchanting listening experience that listeners can easily connect with.

The upbeat rhythmic drive of the track helps keep the energy levels at an all-time high and the twanging vocals and the lead guitars provide that quintessential melody that is synonymous with the country genre. This is the track we have been wishing for and will bless a listener in ways words cannot simply qualify to describe. This is the VIP exclusive treatment and you get to listen to this track before it has been officially released. This is our gift to you. Enjoy!

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See Your Shadow Unveils Their New Single "I Know My Worth" See Your Shadow Unveils Their New Single "I Know My Worth"

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