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Explore the dynamic confluence of sonic artistry in “Just A Story” by Some Distant Memory.

Some Distant Memory is the perfect example of musical talent meeting preparedness, creating an experience that can only be described as magical. Hailing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, this band is as sophisticated as they are intriguing. The band cinematically blends animated electronic music with their unique and accessible sonic arrangements to fashion something otherworldly that many electronic music aficionados have come to fall in love with. This is the music that shrewdly glimpses the past, produced and engineered in the present moment whilst stepping into the future!

The “Reflections / #5 Part One” is Some Distant Memory’s 5-track EP that features filmic soundtracks backed by some kind of innovation that is distinctly Some Distant Memory’s.

“Just A Story,” a piece from this collection, is slightly over 12 minutes long – truly living up to its name as a ‘story.’

The intro is cinematic to prepare you for the emotive electronic arrangement that flanks it. And as the track progresses, Some Distant Memory literally takes you to space and allows you to float in the allure of their fantasy with that progressively epic arrangement and stupendous production.

This is the ultimate distillation of first-rate artistry and progressive sound mechanics, crafting something that is simultaneously out-of-this-world and accessible.

This song features Some Distant Memory’s signature animated electronic sound, which is a seamless fit with the band’s unique sonic arrangement and cinematic representation to fashion something that offers you escape into another space where everything is simply mesmerizing and a new bodily experience.

To scratch your musical itch with this revolutionary sound that you cannot find anywhere else but here, follow the attached link, stream this masterpiece, save and share it and if you are in a euphoric mood of your own, it wouldn’t hurt to check out the rest of the songs from “Reflections / #5 Part One.”

For more insight into Some Distant Memory’s musicianship, visit their website at

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