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There is Too Much Sauce as Suka Ntima Drops His 3rd Ever Single Let It Drip/Saucer“

Suka Ntima Let It Drip/Saucer

Suka Ntima is a man who has lived many lives and Trans versed across the vast universe sharing and adapting different cultures that have been imbued into his dynamic and multi-genre style of fashionable music. He was born in Burundi but he is currently residing in Belgium. He has also been to a host of other countries including; Uganda, Rwanda, and the UK. He has been able to blend his afro-fusion style of music with electric afro-jazz, sharp funk, genge, afrobeats and a hint of Amapiano style that is very synonymous with South African music as will be heard in his latest single, “Let It Drip/Saucer”. This bonafide lyricist was able to get in the studio and produce an all-encompassing melody that is both insightful and entertaining particularly with the perfect blend of instruments that work in ecstatic unity to produce a magical sound that is born of afrobeats, Swahili and genge influence, and a significant hit of the infectious Amapiano beats. This is a musical phenomenon like you have never experienced before.

“Let It Drip…Too much vibes in my body, melanin all in your face, chapa dance, shusha cake, wape drip, check your fear, look at the bass look at the size…” are some of the flawless lyrics performed by a talented man who has a towering command in delivery of his powerful vocality. The precise succinct lyrics performed in a number of delicious languages part from the dominant English such as French and Swahili give it the catchy, sweet, consistent, and noticeable rhythmic element and its infectious vibe will arrest you sensationally as you lose yourself without a care in the world to its stunningly electric symphony. This is the perfect song to set the mood for a party and get a crowd go gaga with wild abandon to its tasteful lyrics that remind us to embrace our differences and complexities and live for them- for we are all equally magnificent people despite our differences.

The video did not disappoint in that regard and it draws in that embracing energy perfectly displaying what the song is all about. It is an equally compelling music video with jubilant and playful party people who seem to enjoy every moment of the song. It was the perfect complement to the song as they both project a larger-than-life presence in the respective audio/visual format of the song. This is a mortal being who is about to take the musical world by storm and as he does so, we will almost feel like he has created a Utopia and marvel at his ingenuity wishing for more and more of the same.

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