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Texas-Based Musical Star Sweet Limb’s New EP “Vibes” Is a 3-Piece Valuable Collection of Tracks So Good They Make You Feel Alive!

For someone who epitomizes strong faith, courage and determination in the face of adversities; Chris Robinson alias Sweet Limb who has been through his fair share of life’s opposing forces feels like the right figure to help a listener going through some similar phases. He found his purpose in music which offered him unrequited solace. As such, he has made it his sole mission to give back using his musical gifts as he tries to heal broken hearts and just maybe, ignite his listeners’ sensation for life which is being hampered by the madness that has permeated our once peaceful planet!

Just in time for the festivities, Sweet Limb has a honeyed 3-track EP titled “Vibes” that is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates good music; Sweet Limb goes out of his way by tapping into timeless sounds to ensure you have a memorable performance that will soothe your spirits and heal your soul.


“Dip” is just music for the body, mind, and soul- and there is no other way, it’s not like it is mutually exclusive; the impact transcends just the listening senses, you feel it with every inch of your bone. The grand and expressive melodies that blend soul and R&B is enough to lift you up, his sensual, velvety male vocals which operate between a glorious whispery and lively space take you a notch higher into paradise!

“Ketamine” is a downtempo love-inspired ballad that he featured KG – Robinson. Once he starts delivering in his honeyed male vocals, floodgates of emotions are opened and there is no controlling them- you just have to go with the flow.

Sweet Limb’s vocals melt like candles over the instrumentation in “Kickstart” as he gives a memorable performance. This particular track is intoxicating and his charming delivery is what keeps a listener’s heart going!

There is just a way his voice feels like it gently strokes a listener’s senses; – such a quality that really fits his passionate sound!

Gentle, composed, and gentlemanly is what Sweet Limbs evokes, and that trait is naturally infected to his sound. I have no doubt this EP will be warmly received as it has all the qualities to make a listener feel valued and impacted!

Let me not keep you waiting any further; follow the attached link and let the emotions fly!

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