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TaniA Kylliki’s Latest Album “Why Chapter One” Is Now Available on All Streaming Platforms

TaniA Kyllikki Why Chapter One

Prepare your mind to be entertained and blown away by the British versatile singer and songwriter TaniA Kylliki who has a mesmerizing wide vocal range, idiosyncratic raw natural storytelling – making waves with her stunningly innovated futuristic rhythmic music that has made her a sweetheart with millions of fans worldwide and demanded the industry’s attention with her groundbreaking musical releases such as “Remind Me” which also captured the attention of R&B legendary singer and hitmaker NeYo from which the remix of the track was born and has already amassed over 490.5 K streams on Spotify alone! There is something special about her voice and the way she is able to balance her vocal cords, dazzling on the high and low notes is something that will amaze a listener each time; no matter how many times you listen to her – she will always surprise you with her dexterous vocal ability! Make sure your 2022 goes without a glitch by giving you something impeccably great to update your playlist with TaniA made the album “Why Chapter One” for her fans who have been growing bigger with every passing moment and give her that extra motivation to keep grinding and give them something worth their time.

“Why Chapter One” is a 9-piece spellbinding and emotional collective with an average listening time of 38 minutes and 15 seconds – but you will unknowingly spend more time since almost all of these tracks if not all of them demand a repeated listening experience. This album was released on 30th January 2022 and is a groundbreaking release that transcends in melodic beauty. She really allowed herself to be vulnerable and as such her performances come off genuine, heartfelt, and passionate. Wearing her sleeve on her heart she delivers big time and this album will ring for generations to come.

Why” is a melancholic and magnificently resonant tune with the haunting piano preparing your musical senses to be hypnotized by TaniA’s out-of-this-world vocals that shine over the piano melody with authority and affluence that only she is capable of delivering. “Why do you do this to me, why do you keep making me cry…?” The emotional delivery will have on the verge of tears as each lyric resonates with you on a deeper level. This is the track you want to listen to after a breakup; this is the perfect track for that late-night introspection!

Handle With Care” has garnered over 19.6 K Streams and her wide vocal range is on display as she dazzles bewitchingly and delivers an astonishingly emotional track that woos you to repeatedly listen to it as the words coming out via her angelic vocals find their way uninhabited to the root of your heart. “My heart is fragile, it breaks easily…” are some of the catchy phrases you’ll hear from this enchanting track.

Lie With Me” is perfect for lovers and its romanticized lyricism seduces a listener significantly. “Our hearts are now racing, look deeply in my eyes and lock your lips with mine…” are some of the lyrics delivered in her fashioned vocal proficiency. Her comfortability and easiness on those high notes and low notes is a stunning phenomenon worth investigating!

My Hero” has that lively and upbeat aura with the splashy drums, the heroic piano melodies, the neatly done bass, and the finely-tailored vocal opulence as she delivers in part “You’re my hero…you were there those long nights when tears of pain flooded from my eyes, you held me tight…” as you sing your lungs out, the message is clear as the light of day and this would serve as a very perfect dedication tune for that one true lover, friend or family member who was there for you in your darkest and most painful moments.

All these tracks were stupendously done and there is an abundance of melody, theme, and vocal prowess to keep a listener hooked right from the first track to the last one. You are just getting a glimpse of what TaniA can do, she has barely scratched the surface and from a distance, you can manage to see her impact. The future looks so bright and I can’t wait to watch her break records and accumulate those awards as she deservedly will. Go stream this album and her other singles which are available on your favorite streaming platforms.

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