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The Midnight Shepherds’ “I’m On The Run” Takes You On A Musical Journey Through Soulful Tunes And Powerful Lyrics.

Based out of Mobile, Alabama, The Midnight Shepherds is a spectral rock band that has been restoring the lost glory of the sound while still managing to incorporate a host of other influences, from Southern rock to blues and prog. They pride themselves on their distinctive sound, which is authentic and refreshingly innovative. Their latest track, “I’m On The Run” is really immersive and addicting, backed by heartfelt storytelling and powerful instrumentation that is intricately woven together.

Immediately, the mellow guitar sets the tone for the tune, and you know you are in for a treat. This is closely followed by the percussive drums, and almost immediately the electric guitar chords fill out the sound, providing the perfect backdrop that seamlessly complements the spotlight-stealing lead vocals.

The lead singer has the immensely expressive, self-assured vocals that are ideal for this genre, and as the song builds, the more emotive his performance becomes as he reels the listener in and transports them to another dimension.

With lyrics that explore life’s haunting mistakes that cannot be escaped, the emotive delivery and impeccable flows accentuate the weight of the lyrics. The track’s chorus is also unforgettable and one that stays with the listener outside of the track.

The electric guitar chops are incredibly intense and powerful; the percussive drums spread delightfully through; and the rich vocals add to the song’s life and genuine tonality. It is the fact that you can feel the lead singer’s love for the genre peppered throughout that earns this tune its immediacy.

“I’m On The Run” is a catchy, lively, and memorable masterpiece that cannot be denied by its listener.
Any lover of Southern or blues rock will certainly find a lot to love about this entrancing tune that is now streaming everywhere.

To listen to the track as you sing along to the words, check out the official lyric video that is already out on YouTube.

Follow the link below, subscribe to The Midnight Shepherds’ YouTube channel, like the video, and share your thoughts in the comment section.


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