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Dublin-based rock band The Neon Sea’s debut single, “As I Wonder,” brings back those nostalgic shoegaze vibes!

Niches are defined by borders and frontiers. Dublin, Ireland-based band The Neon Sea likes to explore a variety of genres and instruments to create something richly eclectic, and their sound does not conform to the status quo thanks to their non-cookie-cutter arrangements, inventing and inhabiting a soundscape that is distinctly their own. Their music is best known for its raw emotional depth, taking listeners on an expedition guided by the ebbs and flows of human emotions while also delving deep into the sociopolitical realm to address real global issues. Although they just started releasing their material in 2022, The Neon Sea has taken the music industry by storm, gaining fans worldwide. The band’s musical talent speaks for itself, but it is their ability to take their listeners on a deep and personal journey that has separated them into a class of their own.

“As I Wonder” is The Neon Sea’s debut project and a raw masterpiece that has gone on to earn them widespread critical acclaim from far and wide.

An outstanding jam brimming with such virtuosic guitar playing thanks to the unmatched guitar picking, The Neon Sea delivers a smorgasbord of guitar techniques, providing a bewitching backdrop that complements the scene-stealing vocals.

Creatively tapping into the nostalgic world of shoegaze with ethereal, swinging vocals and layers of distorted and droning riffs and bent and flanged guitars, The Neon Sea creates a wash of sound where no instrument is really distinguishable from another, creating a compelling auditory experience.

The accompanying music video, which features brilliantly captivating visuals, is just as potent as the song itself.

“As I Wonder” is such an easy recommendation to anyone who enjoys that shoegaze aura. To enjoy this incredible performance, make sure you follow the link below, subscribe to The Neon Sea’s YouTube channel, like the visuals, and share this track as widely as you can.


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