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Trevour Amunga Shows off His Play Ground Skills with His Hit Single “09 Messi”

The richest forms of art are undoubtedly those that have a story of endurance and triumph attached to them. The artists who produce these magical pieces are often not only trans-generational in talent but also inspirational in testimony. For such artists, life has transcended from being a bar-spitting microphone to a change-driving platform. Although a vast majority of young performers can only dream of fitting this billing, hip-hop prodigy Trevour Amunga certainly makes the cut. This LA-based rapping maestro of Kenyan descent has set the world ablaze with his rhythmic tunes that seamlessly combine lyrical brilliance with musical genius.

Since releasing his debut album “For Akira” in 2021, Trevour’s influence in the global music community has grown from strength to strength, with most of his followers hailing him as one of the best wordsmiths of the modern age. Through his “not too forward” poetic lyrics, this storytelling wizard paints an initially unnerving but ultimately fulfilling picture of a battle-hardened boy successfully escaping the clutches of civil war.

He uses his words to accurately communicate the plethora of emotions that often overwhelm us when we find ourselves at the crossroads of an urgent but life-altering decision. It is beyond me how someone can come up with such a sobering discourse if they have never been faced with the gruesome experiences of this melodic wunderkind.

It will only take a few seconds of listening to his latest hit, “09 Messi,” to fall in love with Trevour’s flair and fluidity. Just like the football legend it is named after, this song will mesmerize your ears by skillfully blending Trevour’s euphonic genes with Blake Anthony’s hard-hitting spits. Roy Audio’s composing mastery is the perfect cherry on top of the cake. Although it’s not his first collaboration, this track is arguably the best joint piece of work from this 26-year-old African-American rap king.

For those who are enthusiasts of spirited lyrical delivery that is truthfully bare without being unnecessarily brutal, this foot-tapping air will have you busting a move every day of the week. I really love how these three creative musketeers bring order to the freestyle nature of rap music without compromising on the punch. If I didn’t know better, getting them to police the industry’s chaotic hate speech like well-trained chaperones would be a foregone conclusion. You are committing an unforgivable felony by not consistently incorporating this timeless artistic piece into your playlist. Listen to more of Trevour Amunga’s tuneful tracks by following the social media link below.

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