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Indie Artist Trey Cunningham Set to Release His Emotionally Filled and Anthemic Romanticized Single “Wreck” off of His Debut Album “Kaleidoscope” on 1st April 2022

Trey Cunningham Wreck

The sweet sounds of melody echo through the speakers and the words touching and moving in equal measure overwhelm a listener’s heart to immeasurable degrees, the voice emanating tear through the instrumentation with destined precision and extravagant clarity! And as everything fuels the listener’s sense of awe, there is only one question that pops up – who is the artist/ or sometimes, what is the title of that track? Well, for indie artist Trey Cunningham moments like these are what make him get into the studio and release endearing tunes even without the backing of any major record label. Trey Cunningham is a singer-songwriter who lives through music and uses it as a channel to communicate and express himself and his feelings in ways that the world can get to understand him. He employs honesty in his songwriting and it is through this that most listeners relate heavily with his tunes as the message behind the lyrics sort of speaks directly to them and nourishes their body, spirits, and most of all their hearts. Music is such a powerful tool and to Trey, he has been able to harness that power and is impacting the world in his own magical and unique way!

He is currently working on his debut album “Kaleidoscope” and to get us off to an eventful start is a romanticized ballad and the most romantic songs of the album “Wreck” that is set for official release on the 1st April of 2022. Prepare yourself to be entertained, thrilled, and moved all at the same time for this is the track of the spring and will outlast summer with the abundant futuristic melodic air it displays.

At its heart is the simple instrumentation that washes over a listener in stunning fashion as the piano flavor paints a world brimming with endless love and the combination of the guitars, the punchy drums elaborated to further glory with the moderate bass and backed magnificently with his harmonized vocals tell a story of love – the joys and the miseries, the bliss and the despair. This is a true reflection of what love is all about and since it will not always be an easy ride, the best we can do is to fasten that belt of endurance tightly around our lover’s waist.

The lyrics are relatable and even better the way they have been emotionally performed with his unique and crisply polished vocals is indescribably magnificent. Mark 1st April on your calendar and dedicate your entire life to waiting for it!

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