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Turtle and The Galaxy Council deliver a sonically captivating, nostalgia-infused journey with their latest track, “Rewind Time”

New, catchy, infectious, and timeless music is upon us once more as Turtle and The Galaxy Council come together to capture the essence of good music with their latest jam, “Rewind Time” which is everything nostalgic and cool about the music from way back. This deadly duo has already been responsible for creating so many classics that hit with unforgettable appeal, and this jam is no different. Here, the production virtuosity of the Canadian Turtle meets the lyrical and vocal preparedness of The Galaxy Council, and together, they transport a listener to another realm that feels otherworldly.

Featuring a blend of retro synthesizers, catchy melodies, and pulsating rhythms reminiscent of iconic electronic music from the past, “Rewind Time” then incorporates rap lyricism and an infectious chorus at its core to offer a contemporary twist on its classic demeanor, appealing to listeners who appreciate both the nostalgia of the past and the innovation of the present.

Just like the music, the lyrics pertain to wanting to go back to a place and time before—you know, rewind time, packaged with affection-quoted lyrics towards this beautiful girl whom you want to spend time with from way back as you create your own future together.

The vintage synthesizer sounds, including warm analog tones, lush pads, and arpeggiated sequences reminiscent of classic electronic music from the 80s and 90s, provide a captivating backdrop that delightfully complements the scene-stealing vocal performance.

The turntable scratches, organic components atop the memorable and infectious melodies add depth and color to the music, evoking a sense of both familiarity and nostalgia. The rap lyricism adds a contemporary edge to this nostalgic tune thanks to its introspective feel, storytelling essence, and clever wordplay that provide a beautiful contrast to the melodic elements of the song.

The infectious chorus featuring sing-along hooks packaged in the form of repetitive phrases underscores the anthemic allure of this track, allowing it to linger in the listener’s mind long after the song has ended.

“Rewind Time” embraces a retro aesthetic; drawing inspiration from vintage technology and hitting a listener right in the nostalgia with its sonic excellence.

Stream this song and add it to your playlist to feel the vibe and travel to another world, probably in the past.



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