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Americana Singer and Songwriter TuskHead Delivers an Emotion-Filled and Heartwarming Performance in the Single, “Shining Through”

TuskHead Shining Through

TuskHead is an Americana singer and songwriter with Netherlands roots. He is now no stranger seeing that his music has made him a fan favorite ever since he dropped his deservedly debut album, “Change of Shape” and the single, “Let Go” that was recently added to the Spotify ‘Route Americana’ personalized editorial playlist. His style blends various sounds with firm foundations in Country and Americana and his voice is perfectly strong and holds so much immaculate power!

His latest tune, “Shining Through” was written before his grandmother passed away and the audio was actually played at her funeral. This is a very personal tune that speaks volumes about the nature of our relationship with our loved ones. That love that always lives always and forever and even in the event of their death, they always live through us!

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“Shining Through” boasts excellent performances and a deeply profound songwriting style that TuskHead authentically makes his own. Lavish in melody and with a strong theme at its heart that offers listeners a contemplative feeling about life and death.  There is a plethora of intriguing musical concepts to dive into, whether it’d be the massively tasteful lead guitar work, inspired bass and drums backed by a very strong vocal performance including the backing vocals from his mom and brother when performing the chorus.

“Shining Through” is an indisputable bit of songwriting that contains both great depth and maturity in its craftsmanship and the lyrics paint both a thematically potent and vividly detailed picture of the love of a loved one and that indestructible connection. There are some quintessential country sparks thrown in to add more color and TuskHead’s lead vocal performance is of a very high standard and provides plenty of rhythmic and melodic fascination to keep a listener fully gratified throughout.

The diverse instrumentation allows the tune to flex its sonic diversity and aids the track’s arrangement to explore a great deal of timbral ground; whether it’d be the subtle use of a Resonator/dobro, the uptight nature of the bass, or the contrasting tonal colors that both the acoustic and electric guitar elements bring to the melodic table- absolutely sensational!

“Shining Through” is out now and by following the attached link to stream and add this tune as a favorite under your playlist. Share it with other music listeners around you and follow TuskHead so as to be part of this inspiring musical expedition he has been taking!

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Established Hip Hop Artist ReachingNOVA Creates a Free-flowing Lyrical Course with His Single "C'est La Vie" Established Hip Hop Artist ReachingNOVA Creates a Free-flowing Lyrical Course with His Single "C'est La Vie"


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