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LA-based songstress Virginia the Genius delivers an astonishing performance in her debut album, “Love and Reality 3”

Based out of Los Angeles, California, Virginia the Genius’ versatility allows her music to stand out as she often flirts with different genres such as R&B, soul, and hip hop. Her unique sound comes from a rich experience of writing and relentlessly pushing herself to live out her music dreams. As someone who was written off even before she could make her mark, her journey thus far represents tremendous strength, fortitude, relentless growth, and power—proving her doubters wrong at every turn!

“Love and Reality 3” is a 6-track album and her first ever. I love how these tracks artfully transition into one another while the album maintains its authentic shape. Throughout this project, she handles deeply familiar tales about the good, the bad, and the ugly of relationships, backed by luxuriously styled instrumentation and her mellifluous vocals that come off raw and soulful!

As a nimble vocalist, her delivery in the track “I’m Climbing” is effortless and smooth as she rides over the modest and expressive R&B beats, exuding her pristine songwriting with that meaningful message about finally taking that stand, choosing yourself over someone who is always putting you down, embracing that self-love and self-worth, and climbing all the way to the top.

“My King” is a proper ballad that features a cinematic intro with Virginia showcasing that she is just as proficient in singing as she is in rapping. I love the marriage between the thumping beats and her vocals as she gives an ode to a real gentleman who knows how to treat a lady.

“Stop Playing With Me” gets off to an ear-grabbing start as Virginia the Genius serenades a listener’s soul with her articulately raw voice that is effortlessly powerful before the trippy, banging R&B beats follow and offer solid support for her vocals to thrive. This is her ultimately feeling exhausted with the games and calling the other person out because she is a queen who knows her worth and isn’t sticking around to be used for convenience.

“I Love You” features some hypnotic deep beats with some signature hi-hats, rickety synths, and some ear worming percussion, with Virginia the Genius’ emotionally raw vocals breathing life into the lyrical narrative. A mesmerizing ballad, this is the track to play as you get ready to take your significant other out for that dinner date.

“Sunny Day” is all about that high you get when you are deep in love—her captivating vocal performance leaves nothing to be desired!

“You Stayed Down” is an affirmation of that eternal love—the one that conquers everything, through thick and thin, as Virginia the Genius recognizes true lovers who know how to love and treat their partners right. This is a celebration of that true love and has been delivered deservingly with a poetic-flavored, bold lyricism over some banging beats!

“Love and Reality 3” is a groundbreaking release that will serve to elevate Virginia the Genius to international acclaim. With such a masterpiece as this, it is little surprise that her stage name has a ‘genius’ in it. This is eclectic R&B and hip hop music at its finest!

“Love and Reality 3” is already streaming on all your favorite platforms; follow the attached link and let these stunning tunes boost your playlist!

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