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Will Has Flamed up the Charts with His New Album “Will Tomorrow Ever Come”

Will creates some of the most engaging and compelling mixes Sweden has to offer today’s electro-scene with a whirling blend of melody and electronically-induced enthusiasm. He has brought the very greatest and most dynamic sounds for the release of his Debut Album “Will Tomorrow Ever Come” to internet music sites and fans globally for the summer of 2021.

“Will Tomorrow Ever Come” creates an intriguing new shift in the dimensions and mood of sound by combining precise rhythms that involve drums as well as several electronic elements. Using years of studio experience, Will’s debut album pulses vibrantly with original concepts that audibly spring from the speakers with completely coordinated beats designed to rock the body and mind with seamless transitions and explosive grooves.

Something that genuinely strikes out about this album is how smoothly it transitions from track to track, perfectly complementing the storytelling theme from the first skit. Each track maintains a distinct message and artistic flow dependent on the artist included while maintaining the joyful warm-weather vibe that drives the entire. This is most apparent when listening to some of the exceptional bangers such as  “Tonight is Forever,” “Blue Night Sky,” “Together,” and “Take Me Home,” among others.

The record features seven beautiful tracks that provide a magnificent listening experience from beginning to end. You will be immersed in Will’s imagination for about twenty-five minutes. Between the vocals, outstanding melodies, and nostalgic thoughts, “Will Tomorrow Ever Come” is a heavenly composition worthy of attention and appreciation.

If you enjoy electronic dance music with a more eclectic touch, this is the album for you. Will defies genre clichés, and “Will Tomorrow Ever Come” is an excellent example of the artist’s diverse abilities.



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