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Melodic Pop/Rock Spectra Yesterdays Fate Is Set to Release Their New Ballad, “Tonight,” on the 10th of February 2023.

Yesterdays Fate’s music blurs genre lines; blending pop and rock to solidify their unique brand through their avant-garde catalog of music. This year, they are ready to take their career to new heights with music that will spin relatable tales of love, heartbreak, and elevating consciousness. The first tune to get the New Year rolling is, of course, “Tonight,” an evocative pop/rock masterpiece delivered with plush vocals and stylistic panache that epitomizes the soul of Yesterdays Fate as a band!

It is the flexible and diversified approach in this latest piece that makes Yesterdays Fate the band they are; “Tonight” is an illustrative reflection of the signature style that Yesterdays Fate has developed—a mood-evoking pop and rock sound blended with crisp and warm vocals, and modern harmonious tones making it sound as if they are singing it to you live!

From the intro, the laid-back mellow piano tunes that have been hit with such genuine care are met with warm, velvety, and arresting male vocals from the lead vocalists who go on to deliver genuinely from a place that obviously breeds an honest set of lyrics about love.

As the tune builds, other instruments are skillfully allowed in, leading to a blissful marriage between the clean guitar notes, the punchy drums, and the uptight bass. All the while, the sultry, silky vocals float over the melodies, making for an extraordinary listening experience.

Yesterdays Fate explores the overarching themes of love and marriage over a luxurious-sounding production, making “Tonight” the perfect theme song for weddings. This is such a delectable new jam that you can listen to all night long, with the candles lit, as you look admirably into the eyes of your loved one!

“Tonight” is set to drop officially on 10th February- just in time for valentine’s- so if you feel that night is the night you will want to love someone for the rest of their lives, Yesterdays Fate have got the perfect background tune to help solidify the moment!

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