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Tanzania’s Own Prodigious Creative and Artist YEYO Releases a Blazing Hot New Track and Lover’s Anthem “Show Me” Featuring Bongo Flava’s Star Tommy Flavour

YEYO Show Me

One thing has been certain for a while now; Tanzania has been the music hub for East Africa with notable names and industrial heavyweights such as Diamond Platinumz, Alikiba, and Harmonize flying the East African banner to international levels and now there has emerged a new reckoning force that is about to take the music industry by surprise – YEYO is the name making a grand entrance with his versatile style that allows him to dazzle and create wonder with his unequivocal music style that blends the splendorous lines between Tanzania’s quintessential Bongo Flava and that sensual and seductively touching club R&B with the thought-provoking Hip-hop sound!

For you to understand the scale of extravagance involved, you’d have to conjure up these mental images of some Usher singing in that sweet and charming Swahili sound and the rapping ability of Tyga with the lyrical lemonade enthusiasm – this is close to what you get with YEYO who true to his name is an existing miraculous child!

He brought on board Bongo Flava versatile and Tanzania superstar Tommy Flavour and together they made a track for the lovers dubbed “Show Me”. This track is an indescribably beautiful rhythmic tune carrying elements of club R&B, hip-hop, and pop features and not forgetting the Swahili authenticity that has been colored with the beats to give off a stupendous sound and a lively soundscape that showcases the ingenuity and sheer level of musicianship and keen ear for the sound design of all the production team involved in the creation of this track.

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Its danceable qualities that are advanced by the solid and rhythmic deep–phased basslines and the atmospheric beat synths allow you to get off your feet, hold your partner by their waste and move with orderly passion, following the beats and getting immersed in the whole experience as you sing your lungs out to the catchy hooks. Tommy Flavour delivers his clever lyricism, dipping his feet in the pool of entertainment and complementing this with his show-stopping Swahili bars!

Due to the track’s public demand and the numbers it was amassing over the stream platforms, there was a highly publicized #ShowME challenge and the two winners have been awarded – one with an exclusive dinner and the other with some merchandise. Such has been the scale of this track and this is only the beginning – I can predict this track to make waves all over East Africa to Africa and finally internationally as it has all the qualities of a certified mainstream hit. “Show Me” is now available on all the major streaming platforms and by following the attached link you stand a chance of experiencing a groundbreaking genius moment that YEYO manufactured.

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