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Rapper, singer-songwriter Zebbzutto eliminates any purported completion with his 3-piece new single, “YOUNG ZUTTO 2”

A major maverick blazing on an undeniable trail, Zachary Brown alias Zebbzutto is the future of the drill/trap/hip hop- a firebrand rapper who channels explosive emotionality into raising anthems! When he writes, Zebbzutto seeks to process personal and new stories through these perspectives, but in ways that are relatable to everyone. Zebbzutto exudes a spiritual centeredness that is poetically aligned to the origins of his stage name—an apt archetypal reference for such a strong and versatile male artist.

Once your ears have been trampled by brashness masquerading as ignorance, then uplifted with his witty, spirited charm, it is then that you will understand why this multi-gifted, seemingly unstoppable lyricist is riding a meteoric rise to the top of both Pennsylvania and New York hip-hop.

His latest 3-piece masterpiece, “YOUNG ZUTTO 2” proves one thing: Zebbzutto is in a league of his own, devoid of any competition. After that performance, undoubtedly nothing comes close—he eats it up and leaves no crumbs behind!

A track like, “WAR STORIES” goes on to actually prove how talent like this these days is actually rare and far in between. This is a vivacious banger, and after listening to it, I couldn’t help but draw comparisons between it and Lil Uzi Vert’s “Just Wanna Rock”—it’s one of those anthems that get you hyped up and leave you in a state of music-inspired euphoria!

Talking about energy, Zebbzutto goes a notch higher in “XDX”—this is now a hypnotizing, drill-inspired masterpiece that is escorted by his marvelously scary vocals that pack a powerful punch. Provocative and masterful at the same time, he proves that this is indeed a field for the chosen few!

“SURVIVAL TACTICS” is a drill-flavored blazer with Grime influences that adds a dash of flair to the arrangement. If you manage to remain normal by the end of that listening experience, maybe this music thing might not be for you after all. This is the kind of track that infects its own musical insanity into you, and you just want to remain in that state for as long as you can.

No cap; “YOUNG ZUTTO 2” is the next-level project for Zebbzutto and a glimpse of what to expect from him this year and beyond!

Follow the attached link and just f with it!

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