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Ziearre Releases His Highly Anticipated Album “A Heavenly Piece of Art” On Major Streaming Platforms

With his remarkable soundscape, emerging hip hop artist Ziearre has achieved the proper balance in his music by combining the sounds of old-school hip hop with contemporary aspects. His music is on par with the current hip hop movement while retaining the verbal dynamics of rap. His approaches truly serve as a benchmark for young and future artists, from selecting a fantastic sound production through its immaculate arrangements. His charisma and capability pervade his soundscape and attract audiences in a matter of seconds.

Ziearre comes out swinging on this record in a variety of essential ways, pulling critical influences from industry heavyweights and real-life experiences, and truly exhibits different viewpoints of his musicianship qualities and aesthetic quality throughout the album’s duration. Ziearre carefully opens the album with the track “White Tube Socks,” employing a very adaptable technique with a multidimensional and contemporary vibe. A powerful and beautifully handled flow on this tune. This innovative opener has a nutritious flavor that is futuristic and multi-layered, giving the listener an uninterrupted listening experience.

Ziearre, a storyteller by trade and with a refreshingly imaginative, often cinematic musicality, brings anthem after anthem to current hip hop in unexpected ways. “Born Again,” for example, begins with a catchy melody but quickly transitions into a rhythmically surprising verse, gritty again, and a throwback burst of sound-play flitting around in the mix. Then there’s “66 Battlefield,” which injects a slightly nostalgic flavor while remaining pleasant with a laid-back, late-night vibe.

Olympic” jumps right into rhyming and theatrics between music and performer. A hefty track, sophisticated and striking, an early highlight for its blending of convection style and contemporary era observations; a quality that pervades much of this album.

For The Record” accelerates the pace and shifts gears flow-wise once more. Higher energy, a relaxed sense of fun philosophically, and a lightness and nostalgic flare to the verses. And, as usual, another soundscape that is both inventive and interesting.

Coffession” provides an innovative haunting hip hop back drop and another compelling story – a point at which it’s evident that a single listen won’t sufficient for the scene-setting and complexity that this project entails. Fortunately, the combination of talent and polish across the writing and production makes it easy to listen on  a loop.

As the project progresses, originality emerges in both the idea for songs and the approach to lyricism. The bass is consistently heavy, the melodies elsewhere providing a juxtaposing delicacy or late-night vibe, and the vocals providing an ever-worthy relationship to the artist’s individuality. “Juicy Fruit” and “Holy Museum” stand out for their subtly confidence and swagger.

Road Blocks” is powerful, inspiring, and uplifting, musically encompassing listeners and continually triggering a greater degree of appreciation and connection that reaches far beyond the track’s borders.

Everything in his new EP is deliberate, thought-provoking, and as forward-thinking in terms of promoting love and positivity as Ziearre’s fans have come to expect from him. Ziearre reminds us all of the interconnectedness of love, metaphorically revealing the value of our unity through a wide range of artistic hooks in both the music and lyrics that are designed for everyone to appreciate.

In short, “A Heavenly Piece of Art” is an established album – amazingly varied, created like a classic project from the beginning of hip hop, leading with a fresh feeling of individuality that is the Ziearre’s way of writing and playing. Sit back, relax, and take it all in.


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