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LA Based Hip Hop Music Artist and Entrepreneur Braymen Debuts His Album Dubbed, “Behind Closed Doors”

Braymen Behind Closed Doors

Kyle Braymen or simply Braymen is a singer, manager and audio engineer from Los Angeles California. This altruistic producer has a mammoth heart and has been helping others create their music careers by supporting them in all ways possible including financially. This genre alchemist possesses a keen sense of sound design with his style bearing foundations in hip-hop, R&B and emo sound.  Braymen is a skilled performer and masterful songwriter and his new and first-ever album, “Behind Closed Doors” is a shining testament to his growth, versatility and development both as an artist and a human being.

“Behind Closed Doors” is a 9-piece masterpiece that is lyrically impassioned and sonically alluring. The lyrical display here is compelling, emotive and complex as its instrumentation offers fans and listeners a heartfelt project woven together by a rich tapestry of sounds and textures. Each track is wholly different from the last whilst still managing to remain coherent and seamless as an overall body of work and that stunning cover art is such an eye candy.

“Games” has such a powerful and beguiling guitar intro with the hard 808’s beats and his powerful vocals stealing the show in this hypnotic banger. There is that easily memorable hook and the way the organic instrumentation performed with such theatrics gives off a compelling percussion is why this track will remain stuck in your head and does things to your heart and soul that words can’t explain.

“About You” is raw and honest with the quality of blazing beats matched with his effortless sing-song style as he easily makes an anthem off of the lines. Savagely intense with some thought-provoking lyricism, this is an easily likable anthem.

“We Both Know” is a boisterous emotion-filled anthem that has the capability of dominating social events and city streets all summer. This emo-inspired masterpiece is very intriguing and is capable of cutting through the humidity and making swaths of people dance or at least move their shoulders a little bit the energy it exudes is undeniably infectious.

“Natasha” is delivered from an earnest point of view and you can feel the raw emotions from his vocals as he goes on to deliver an unforgettable performance straight from his heart.

There really is so much to enjoy throughout this debut album which I can only hope is the first of many!

“Behind Closed Doors” is a record to put the hip-hop world on notice that Braymen has plans of being much more than a local California phenom; there is your hero, there is your headliner, and here is your spectacular album with tracks worthy of setting the mood for any occasion!

To get a taste of this authentic masterpiece; follow the attached link, stream it to its entirety and save and share the tracks that you most resonate with.

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