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Arizona-Based Hip Hop Star Cedrick Bogan Brings R&B Artist John Concepcion on Board for a Joint 3-Track EP Dubbed “You.”

If you still haven’t heard of Tucson, Arizona’s son Cedrick Bogan, who has been a staple for most hip-hop heads for some time now, I’d consider that an insult to the hard work and effort that I have personally dedicated to selling this remarkably gifted lyricist, not to mention to his own artistry as well! We’ll let that pass for now, but consider this your last warning! Cedrick is the very definition of real and authentic. He taps into timeless sounds to deliver original and ageless hip-hop bangers that go on to receive unanimous acclaim from listeners who appreciate something as authentic and rare as he offers!

The last few years have seen Cedrick Bogan deliver back-to-back masterpieces. Not one to rest and enjoy the illusion of mediocrity, he is always aiming to go further and take his sound with him, and his impressive discography is proof of his tremendous determination, grit, and drive to always aim higher. To him, one step on the mountain is the start of the next mountain, and that is why he has been growing from strength to strength!

With the world quietly anticipating the Christmas holidays, Cedrick Bogan was in the studio cooking up something of universal appeal, and “You” is what came off of it; this is a joint EP with strikingly gifted R&B vocalist John Concepcion.

“You” features three remarkably addictive love-inspired tracks that showcase the exceptional marriage between R&B and hip-hop in a way that feels kindred. “You” sees John Concepcion color the tracks and create irresistible hooks with his honeyed vocals, with Cedrick offering poetic support with his high-quality, rhyme-perfect bars!

“Drop” is one blazing piece of work. The song hits a listener with a tremendous amount of rhythm and melody from the word go as the near perfectly blended banging instrumentals are escorted by Concepcion’s Chris Brownsy sounding vocals and added variety with Bogan’s own smart bars. It feels like they bounce off one another and in fact complement one another in epic fashion to make this track that is catchy as hell, entertainingly danceable, and singularly addicting!

Bogan and John didn’t really have to go this hard—this is one of those club bangers that just “Drop” in the club and everyone loses their mind. And it’s also funny because it is the kind of track that makes you feel like you’ve heard it somewhere but you really can’t quite your head around it. Either way, I’m more than certain most listeners will have a feast with this one!

Onto the title track, “You,” that really epitomizes a lovely union of rap and R&B and just the appropriate lyrics to go with it. Featuring love-filtered lyrics over the prolific modern hip-hop and club R&B instrumentation, this is the kind of track that makes you feel like you have been in love forever, even if you are nursing a recent heartbreak! Bogan jumps with his steady flow of marvelously assaulting rhymes to fashion an unforgettable masterpiece, while Concepcion makes easy work of the memorable hooks!

“I Promise” is the best dedication to someone whom you feel is doubting your love and commitment to them. Coming off very emotional, this tune sees Cedrick and John deliver an intimate and raw performance that stays with a listener outside of this banger. Bogan slinks through the emotive instrumentals with his emotion-drenched rap vocals as he goes on to drop a masterclass over the complementary beats!

What you get from “You” is actually over 8 minutes of an unforgettable listening experience that feels so surreal and ethereal. You really have got to give this duo their flowers because this is just awesomeness on another level!

I know you are itching to listen to this EP, and I do not intend to keep you waiting further; follow the attached link to stream “You” in its entirety and let these songs color your playlist!

Cedrick Bogan can be found on:

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