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Budding Puerto Rican rapper and singer Kalix is currently making waves with his club-banging hit, “Borrachitos”

An up-and-coming musical maestro, Puerto Rico-based musician Kalix pushes the envelope with his versatile and diverse style, determined to stretch the boundaries of genres by weaving a complex tapestry of sound with roots in Latin trap, trap-soul, hip-hop and rap, R&B and pop…you name it. With his eccentric personality, he aims to reflect his lifestyle through his music, refusing to be bound by creative limitations. Ultimately, he does not want to limit himself to the kind of music he puts out there, and that makes him such a unique talent and such an inimitable force to be reckoned with in his field.

Have you been struggling with a stifling hangover after a night of heavy drinking? If yes, then I might have the best solution for you in the form of Kalix’s latest banger, “Borrachitos”- a party-inspired masterpiece. After a few listens, you’ll be back to your normal self… remember, they say “always fight fire with fire!

With its upbeat and heavy production, “Borrachitos” is the perfect Latin trap to get everyone in the club dancing without a care.

Kalix, the master of his craft, effortlessly glides over the beats, delivering rhythmically mesmerizing flows in his signature Spanish language, like a well-oiled machine.

His cadence is simply infectious and the way he peppers the track with his commanding stage presence will have you feeling like you’re floating in Latin fantasy.

Throughout the track, you’ll notice his efficiency as both a rapper and singer; he’s simply too good and deserves widespread critical acclaim from anyone who loves music infused with spicy Latin flavor!

With its popularity and praiseworthy numbers, now is the perfect time to listen to your new favorite Latin anthem, “Borrachitos.” Follow the attached link, add it to your library, play it on repeat, and enjoy!


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