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Introducing Talented Hip Hop Artist Fabion 305

Born in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida but raised in Miami, Fabion 305’s musical inclination was always present. The love of music displayed by his parents, Marcia and Anthony, was Fabion’s main musical inspiration. Fabion’s musical aspirations were a result of his exposure to his father’s musical profession as a DJ and his mother’s admiration of the art form. While in elementary school, Fabion participated in school plays, musicals and concerts. Fabion received his high school diploma from Parkway Academy.

After graduating from high school, Fabion was confused about what direction he wanted to head in life. Entering multiple talent shows, he competed in rap battles and won many of them. In his more flamboyant and egotistical years, Fabion was mainly a gangsta rapper that was occasionally known to sing. As his life took a series of wrong turns, these mistakes forced him to mature, taught him humility, and has made him a well-rounded artist.

Some years later, Fabion 305 and his brother Anthony came up with the magical idea of forming their own entertainment company. Unity 9 Entertainment was formed to encompass the huge talent pool in the South Florida community. The company focused on photography, videography, with a special focus on music. Unity 9 became nationally recognized. Even with this national recognition, the brothers only performed 30-50 over the course of two years. The lack of promotion halted the siblings’ musical goals.


A traveling enthusiast, Fabion has travelled across the country and to various Caribbean destinations. His most memorable trip was to the island of Jamaica. The trip was both humbling and life-altering. Driving through communities where homes were made from scraps of metal and wood, the poverty he had been exposed to in the United States was nothing compared to the hardships he encountered in some Jamaican neighborhoods. Fabion felt blessed. This trip would change him forever and compel Fabion to create more conscious music.


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