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Enjoy The Musical Aura of Neo Soul /R&B Singer La’Key Through Her EP “How It Feels”

The creative ideas in music are no longer confined to known norms. Burgeoning artist La’Key is putting together a dreamy soundscape made up of the different elements of contemporary soul, and R&B. Her new EP, “How It Feels” lays the cornerstone of the kind of music that has a tremendous effect on our minds and souls. The EP is made up of relatable sagas that illustrate the different quadrants of her life experiences in a mellifluous fashion. The artist’s sublime voice and creative ability elevate the album’s overall personality to serve as a catalyst for a musical resurgence.

While the album is creatively grouped under the Neo-Soul genre classification, each track presents distinctive melodic elements that highlight La’Key’s artistic abilities; the seamless progression of the guitar, as well as the soulful vocal color of ‘Rock Ya Body,’ the dynamic vocal complexity ranging from gentle vocal notes to powerfully held top notes in ‘Outgrown,’ to the unforgettable melodic hook and emotive vocal color of “Why’d You Have to Do Me Like That”

“Higher Place” takes the audience on a journey of self-discovery and knowing one’s true worth. As the theR&B ballad starts, we hear the synth-filled song turn into a full ensemble with La’Key’s strong vocals taking over. Every lyric and the rhythm begs your concentration with its introspective lyrics and regularly flowing instruments in the background.

While retaining a profoundly truthful view of the whole situation, La’Key does not hold back from expressing her thoughts in the most genuine way possible. The riffs and sultry vocals redefine her sound as a song that can become iconic for several years to come.

“Why’d You Have to Do Me Like That” reminisces the pain felt after being deceived by someone she really cared for, with the strings of the guitar and the authenticity heard in her vocal tone flowing through the track. She shares her experience of the pain that she wants to remove him from her mind. Her soulful vocals flow with confessional, catchy lyricism, calming the memories that are trapped in her head.

Needless to say, every creative behind the EP has done an outstanding job of making it worthy to play on a loop. From well-balanced production and innovative compositional arrangements to the sultry vocal arrangement, the fans of La’Key, as well as those who enjoy fresh and vibrant music, will certainly want to hear this EP.

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