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Asher Laub presents “Roll Up”

January 2022 – Asher Laub has recently released a new project named “Roll Up.” This is a fantastic milestone for the Long Island musician, who has been pushing violin musicianship to a different level. Using his trusty electric violin, Asher is able to push the boundaries of what’s traditionally possible with this instrument, expanding its sonic palette and exploring new, fresh ideas. This track is featured on the album “Violin Covers Volume 2.” As the title suggests, this is a collection of renditions of popular songs and classics using Asher’s masterful violin skills and one-of-a-kind flow. From articulate leads to unique textures, “Roll Up” explores the vast background of Asher’s musicianship, and his ability to rethink traditional violin techniques.

Find out more about Asher Laub, and check out “Roll Up,” which is currently available on some of the best digital streaming platforms on the Internet.

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