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Desh.Dubs Has Created Immaculate Vibes of Reggae Tunes in his Latest Entrancing Album “Above the Wicked”

Numerous musicians have realized their artistic interpretation of their music through musical diversity. The soundscape of Desh.Dubs is a fusion of some of the most remarkable musical notes of the different genres that come together to pave the way for cultural amalgamation. Desh.Dubs, a well-established musician from Zambia, introduces his excellent mix of traditional reggae, afro beats and a bit of modern R&B in his newly released masterpiece “Above the Wicked.” The album has been released and is available on major streaming platforms, allowing reggae lovers around the world to consume its rhythmic perfection enhanced by its stunning vocal sound.

Usually, every time you press play on a track, there’s an urgent need to know just what kind of soundscape you’re being eased into. With the mesmeric newest EP of Desh.Dubs, the need to know falls away. Instead, you are giving your consciousness and rhythmic pulses to the uniquely convincing artist to do what he wants with them. In short, Desh.Dubs is totally transfixing, and it’s a pleasure to lose yourself in the gentle yet intense rhythms.

The emerging artist strives to showcase his dynamic artistry to the world by widening his spectrum and embedding a universal touch to his music. In his latest reggae album “Above the Wicked” Desh.Dubs reveals his incredible journey that has shaped his singing dexterity as well as his capabilities as an artist. His eclectic resonance is prominent in his other soundtracks such as ‘Lets Talk’, ‘This Is Serious’, ‘Armani’, and ‘Elevate’.

While the whole album is a regal body of work, “Stronger is hands up our favourite track.

“Stronger” is a pleasant sonic experience with a radiating storytelling attribute. The rhythmic majesty of the song exudes an inspiring vibe with the strong backing of  Desh.Dubs anthemic vocal prowess. With a harmonious instrumental touch, the captivating melody of their production casts a spell over the listeners like a magic. His exotic voice and flexible sound give them the upper hand in the music industry over their contemporary counterparts.

“Hold you down” has a pretty inviting rhythm that makes it truly irresistible to groove to. With warm lyrics, Desh.Dubs and Ariel are making their way to our hearts, softening any (hard) stance we may have with regard to love. As it jumps into the chorus, in comparison to the music “I hold you down, like what the brothers do… you hold me down, like what the lovers do” the sophistication of the craft duos only deepens, knowing both in word and sound the real beauty that comes from emotional turmoil.

The stunning delivery of Desh.Dubs in “Champion” is something of a marvel. In this tongue-in-cheek and wildly confident piece, his silk-smooth vocals match his enticing lyrics. “Champion” is for the avid fans of dancehall and reggae, but I guarantee that many music lovers will also find it captivating enough.

Desh.Dubs introduces, rather than following the masses, a minimalist style that gives his music a sense of freedom and authenticity that cannot be duplicated. His music speaks for itself.

This latest release of him has created a buzz among the listeners much like his other music. His other tracks, including “Beautiful Ways” “Need You” is an indication of his exquisite talent for contemporary fusion music. The album is a testament to where Desh.Dubs is at with his sound right now.

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