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Tribe of Djembe Fascinate With Another Cultural Tune “Soul Sister” Celebrating the Magnificence of the Black People

Tribe of Djembe Soul Sister

Tribe of Djembe is a Brooklyn-based posse that is made up of various artists with the sole mission of telling the untold stories of the forgotten. Their music is all about cultural diversity and spirituality and the way they are able to turn these moving testaments and cultures of a people into touching melodies with near-universal appeal is the mark of consummate titans- not only of the music industry but of personality and dignity. This is where you belong as you get to watch the forgotten history being revisited in a melodic fashion. They also hold events all over the country to celebrate the culture and spirituality of different people.

As a timely reminder of how beautiful we as black people are, they are back and this time packaged with a deeply themed and relatable tune dubbed, “Soul Sister”- an endearingly polished and rhythmic tune that makes its way uninhabited to a listener’s heart and soul. The lyrics are certainly the heart and soul of this song and pull a listener into an emotional stupor as they get consumed in its captivating effervescence.

It is not an intense tune yet is danceable and the mellifluous vocals at the core do well to swim over the instruments with near-perfect clarity and distinction. There is a tremendous amount of style and fashion that echo soul-like, pop-like, R&B-like, and reggae-like sounds; all blended with expert proficiency to deliver an ageless tune that will ring for eternity.

This is in celebration of the natural beauties that are the black men and women who wear their beautiful black faces and smile with pride and step into their own greatness without as much worrying about what other people think of them. And to the men who love them for who they are and build families and everlasting friendships with them. The music video is an eye-catching cocktail of all the events that this band has attended from all over the country. The buzzing black people flash their beautiful smiles and dance to the music like no one’s watching as they celebrate their rich history and identity. You will absolutely love to see it!

Follow the attached link; subscribe to their YouTube channel, watch this captivating music video and live through the lyrics.

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